Exclusive offer for
Promotional Suppliers

Overseas Prices right here in Atlanta, GA

  • An amazing 20% – 30% gross margin on our products
  • No need to carry deep inventories, we will carry it for you
  • Goods can ship within 24 hours
  • More choices for your customers
  • BLIND/DROP SHIP option available. so you never lose a customer
  • Buy only when you receive order from your customers.
  • You are dealing with a well established company with 15 years
    of a solid track record

Benefits and Merchandising Program PDF

Why Choose Our Product Line?

Five Profitable Reasons:

1. Price & Profit

Direct Manufacturer Advantage

As direct manufacturers, we offer the lowest possible industry prices, maximizing your profit margins.

Up to 25% Gross Margin:

Enjoy an exceptional 25% gross
margin on our products.

Free Shipping

All orders over $299 qualify
for FREE shipping.

Zero Risk

We handle Custom duties and eliminate large working capital

No Risk Stocking

We stock products for you.
No need to carry deep

Risk-Free Guarantee

If the program doesn’t work for you after 2 years, we’ll take back unsold merchandise, no questions asked. We’re taking all the risk!

2. A+ 5-Star Service

Proven Service Track Record

With 25 years of A+ 5-star service
in the industry, our reputation
speaks for itself.

Dedicated Account Reps

Enjoy courteous and dedicated account representatives in your time zone. No overseas hours!

Ship Blind Option

The “SHIP BLIND” option ensures
you never lose a customer.

3. Convenience

Swift Shipping

Goods are shipped within
24 hours on weekdays.

Effortless Customs Handling

Skip the complexities of Custom Clearing Houses and paying
Custom Duties.

Generous Credit Terms

Approved buyers benefit from
generous credit terms.

Sample Kit

Receive a FREE product sample kit for your showroom or trade show appearances.

Buy only when you receive order from your customers.

Order from us only when you have the it confirmed from your customer then we will dropship it for you.

4. Selection

Expanded Product Range

More products mean more opportunities. Choose from 43
bags, 15 towels, 8 aprons, and

Wide Color Variety

Enjoy a rich palette with 25 bag
colors, 17 towel colors, 8 apron
colors, and 18 bandanna

Free Shipping

Explore options beyond bags
and aprons, including bathrobes, jackets, bandannas, and more.

5. Marketing Ease

Comprehensive Marketing Support

Our product marketing specialists provide
everything you need to post our product
images and copy on your website.

Customized Marketing Materials:

Qualifying purchases are eligible for marketing
materials, including customized catalogs
featuring your logo.

No Risk, Big Profit, Quick Shipment, Well-
Stocked A+ Service. Why Not?